CLINICAL TIPS: In CYSTITIS, ACONITE often removes the whole trouble in a very short time. Dr. Jahr

CLINICAL TIPS: SEPIA, given repeatedly, cures enuresis occurring in first sleep. Dr. Boeninghausen

CLINICAL TIPS: Asthma ameliorated by knee elbow position - EUPATORIUM Dr. George Pettit

CLINICAL TIPS: Great prostration after surgical shock, after anaesthetics, after injuries: ACETIC ACID. Dr. H. C. Allen

Earlier I used to drink, but for the past 7 months...

SHOWCASE :This pt consulted Dr Inerdev Sahu of facebook fame, with a friend of his on 6/1/11.The pt is a farmer and a laborer....

CLINICAL TIPS: STAPHYSAGRIA give before the incision for circumcision, allays the pain following incision and prevents inflammation. Dr. Stearns, M.D

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