HYOSCYAMUS: For those who wish to run away from a relationship for fear of being hurt.
RHUS TOX: Swollen around the ankles after sitting too long, particularly when travelling. Hering.
In old people who are asthmatic and have to sit up in bed, dyspnea, great accumulation of mucus with much rattling and wheezing, give Senega Q 7 drops in half a glass of water, 1 teaspoonful every hour until...
You will sometimes notice cases of retained placenta, hour-glass contraction of the Uterus. This peculiar contraction prevents the expulsion of the placenta. You may remove the after birth by the aid of the hand, but the safer plan is...
Homeopathy remedy for cough


Dunham recommends ALUMINA for a violent cough excited by an elongated uvula. Dr. Hughes.
CLINICAL TIPS: NATRUM MURIATICUM effects a radical cure of Constipation when many boasted and popular remedies fail. It is a regulator of water in the system and if moisture be drawn from rectum, loss of function results and produces constipation. Dr....
Homeopathy for Migraine


Damiana is an excellent remedy for Migraine. In severe cases, the mother tincture may be given every half an hour, and the patient will sleep after two hours. Dr. R. B. Das
Threatened abortion caused by anger. CHAMOMILLA Dr. Farrington, M.D
"If a pregnant woman has a fright, and the fear remains, and she cannot seem to get over it, she must take Aconite at once." Guersney.
IODUM has power over exudates that do not clear up, although it is dry as a board in the stages of consolidation. Dr. Stearns

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