Homeopathy for Renal Colic

BERBERIS ~ Ureter pain

BERBERIS is an excellent remedy for renal colic. The pains are of a shooting character. The patient cannot make the slightest motion and must...

Delirium of influenza

In the delirium of severe Influenza with a sense that a part of the body is separated from another, I ordinarily think of BAPTISIA....


For GOUTY symptoms in women at menopause study BURSA PASTORIS and PULSATILLA. Dr. Burnett
case study

A Case of Caries Tibiae

In a woman set. 40 years, who had been bitten on the leg by an insect six years before. The bite induced violent inflammation...


Complaints from straining flexor tendons: RUTA Dr. Boericke, M.D
Arnica Homeopathy


Any survivor not too close to the centre of the explosion, would be helped and comforted by the remedy ARNICA, given in any potency...
Arthritis and Urticaria


If Arthritic attacks alternate with Urticaria, never occurring simultaneously, consider URTICA URENS. Dr. H. A. Roberts.
case study

A Case of Eczema

A young girl aged about 14 came to me with a pustular eruption in the left leg extending from the ankle to the hip ;...
case study

A Case of Jaundice

Wm. R. Cole, young man of excellent habits, after a few days of feeling dull, weak and sleepy, was suddenly taken with nausea, vomiting,...


Everyone has patients with a Dioscorea colic, but when there is very offensive breath, the remedy called for is SINAPIS NIGRA. Dr. Robert Redfield.

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