CLINICAL TIPS: Great prostration after surgical shock, after anaesthetics, after injuries: ACETIC ACID. Dr. H. C. Allen

CLINICAL TIPS: STAPHYSAGRIA give before the incision for circumcision, allays the pain following incision and prevents inflammation. Dr. Stearns, M.D

CLINICAL TIPS: When KALI CARB fails, ANATHERUM may be tried in falling of hair from eyebrows. R. B. Das

CLINICAL TIPS: Schizophrenic patients are notoriously dirty and careless of personal appearance. SULPHUR and PSORINUM are medicines to be considered. Dr. Foubister
Homeopathy for suppression


PULSATILLA, above all other remedies, has the power to unlock suppressions of modern serum therapy. Dr. T. K. Moore. M.D

CLINICAL TIPS: GLINICUM wipes out half the cases of SCIATICA the pass my way. What a record! Dr. Burnett.

CLINICAL TIPS: Pain in the chest going down both arms: my first thought in ANGINA PECTORIS cases is SECALE COR 12X. You will find it very satisfactory. Dr. Boericke, M.D

CLINICAL TIPS: In many psoric cases, the bowel nosodes are of great use and I think they are frequently neglected; most cases of migraine need one of the bowel nosodes to be cured permanently although TUBERCULINUM plays a great part...

CLINICAL TIPS: Skin diseases alternating with Dysentery or Asthma: RHUS TOX Dr. D. M. Borland


Loss of function of a part of the body due to emotional elements requires IGNATIA. Dr. Diwan Harishchand. L.R.C.P, F.F. Hom

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