CLINICAL TIPS: In many psoric cases, the bowel nosodes are of great use and I think they are frequently neglected; most cases of migraine need...

CLINICAL TIPS: Skin diseases alternating with Dysentery or Asthma: RHUS TOX Dr. D. M. Borland


Loss of function of a part of the body due to emotional elements requires IGNATIA. Dr. Diwan Harishchand. L.R.C.P, F.F. Hom

CLINICAL TIPS: Asthma ameliorated by knee elbow position - EUPATORIUM Dr. George Pettit
mag phos


Mag. Phos can relieve the excruciating pain of cancer. Dr. Heselton.


Cramps in the abdomen and legs of pregnant women are controlled very quickly by VIBURNUM OPULUS. Dr. Hale M.D
Sabal Ser

Prostatic hypertrophy

CLINICAL TIPS: In beginning prostatic hypertrophy with some inflammation and urinary disturbances, SABAL SERRULATA 3X produces a splendid effect, hence it has been called...

VIBURNUM PRUNIFOLIUM is particularly valuable in preventing abortion and miscarraige; whether habitu…

CLINICAL TIPS: VIBURNUM PRUNIFOLIUM is particularly valuable in preventing abortion and miscarraige; whether habitual or otherwise; whether threatened from accidental causes, or criminal drugging....


Homeopathy for SPRAINS

LEDUM is superior to ARNICA or RHUS for sprained ankles. Dr. Benjamin Goldberg


In Migraine cases with dyspepsia characterised by dreadful gastro-enteric burning, we are gratified by IRIS.  Dr. Robert L. Redfield

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Bach Flower Essences

Aspen- The Psychic Flower

Aspen (Populus Tremula) Known as "The Psychic Flower" Aspen can promote: Trust and security Confidence to meet the unknown Drawing on inner strength from the spiritual world Emotional issues: Anxiety (unknown...

Flower Essences for grief

We know there are many homeopathic options for grief. I have found in my practice that the combination of flower essences and homeopathic remedies...

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