ARNICA MONTANA given immediately after the operation will control shock and prevent soreness. It relieves headache in head injuries, loss of control of bladder after operations. Dr. R. B. Das
In children with milk upsets and milk diarrhoea accompanied by thrush, NATRUM CARB. is one of your biggest standbys. Dr. D. M. Borland
A good rule to follow is when any two systems are involved such as heart and lungs or brain and kidneys, think of or study PHOSPHORUS. Dr. H. W. Eisfelder
After extraction of a tooth, ARNICA will stop the bleeding and accelarate the healing of the gums.
In some Asthma of chldren, where, in addition to the wheezing and frequency of attack, there is great prostration one would expect in Arsenic and Arsenic palliates only, try NATRUM SULPH. It has saved the day in such cases. Dr....
Complaints from straining flexor tendons: RUTA Dr. Boericke, M.D
It kills the psoric patients to stand still; he must walk even if he is on his feet for a brief time; weakness of the ankle joints is a sure indication of the presence of combined syphilitic and psoric...
TUBERCULINUM should be used for all effects of hair dyes when SULPHUR fails Dr. R. B. Das

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