[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OADIJJbDOVY&w=560&h=315] COLOCYNTHIS cures colic's again and again. Then KALI C. steps in to end the trouble. Dr. T. K. Moore


INULA HELENIUM for post - grippe coughs, dry, spasmodic ones worst at night, in rapid succession, with pains over chest, call for it especially. Dr. William Boericke, M.D
CROTON TIGLIUM is the most reliable remedy in Ascites from Cirrhosis of the Liver. Dr. Ruddock
PULSATILLA is a better antidote to whiskey than even NUX VOMICA. Dr. Hering.
Arnica reduces the swelling and the pain after Wisdom tooth extraction. The removal of Wisdom teeth, or third molars, is one of the most common procedures.Because of the lack of space, the wisdom teeth can sometimes emerge at an angle...
Threatened abortion caused by anger. CHAMOMILLA Dr. Farrington, M.D
In children with milk upsets and milk diarrhoea accompanied by thrush, NATRUM CARB. is one of your biggest standbys. Dr. D. M. Borland
In the last month of pregnancy, women sometimes have a weak feeling in the small of the back, it gives out when walking. AESCULUS HIP. is the remedy indicated Dr. Eli. G. Jones
If the temperature is subnormal immediately after an operation and the blood pressure low, CAMPHOR 1X is well indicated.
KALI MUR: I have seen enlarged joints after acute rheumatism rapidly reduced to normal size under its action,sometimes after they had resisted other remedies a long time. Dr. Nash.

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