There is one troublesome thing, though, that sometimes it is very hard to master even with a Homeopathic remedy - the persistent nausea that some of them will have in spite of very good prescribing. If you get a...
I have been astonished at its power over prolapsus uteri. It seems to strengthen the uterine ligaments. Dr. Hughes
In eczema and poorly healing wounds ARISTOLOCHIA CLEMATIS is outstanding by superior to CALENDULA in this respect. Dr. Edward Whitmont. M.D
In the gastrointestinal sphere where there is a history of an old duodenal ulcer with an intolerable burning epigastric pain and much flatulence, Argentum nitricum is our remedy. Patients are usually thin, high-strung and are chronic worriers. Dr Eisfelder.
Skin diseases alternating with Dysentery or Asthma: RHUS TOX Dr. D. M. Borland
CLINICAL TIPS: NATRUM MURIATICUM effects a radical cure of Constipation when many boasted and popular remedies fail. It is a regulator of water in the system and if moisture be drawn from rectum, loss of function results and produces constipation. Dr....
BOTHRIOCEPHALUS LATUS 200CH in single doses at long intervals is very useful in Pernicious Anemia. Within 2 to 6 weeks, the erythrocytes increase. Symptoms disappear. Dr. Stiegele
Most often you will suffer from constipation after a fever or a critical condition, do not resort to chemical laxatives. Homeopathy has wonderful remedies to relieve the constipation.
For sore throat accompanying epidemic influenza itself, even the characteristic toothache, PHYTOLACCA is often specific. Dr. Ruddock
PULSATILLA will blight a stye almost as effectually as BELLADONNA will a boil. Dr. Hughes.

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