The more experience I have with the use of CADMIUM, the more convinced I am of their indispensable need in Cancer. Dr Grimmer.
CLINICAL TIPS: Hypericum HYPERICUM quite supercedes the use of Morphia after operations in my hands. Dr. Helmuth.
In the gastrointestinal sphere where there is a history of an old duodenal ulcer with an intolerable burning epigastric pain and much flatulence, Argentum nitricum is our remedy. Patients are usually thin, high-strung and are chronic worriers. Dr Eisfelder.
The remedy is known to be almost a specific for Gallstone colic; relieves the distress at once. CHOLESTERINUM.
Most often you will suffer from constipation after a fever or a critical condition, do not resort to chemical laxatives. Homeopathy has wonderful remedies to relieve the constipation.
BOTHRIOCEPHALUS LATUS 200CH in single doses at long intervals is very useful in Pernicious Anemia. Within 2 to 6 weeks, the erythrocytes increase. Symptoms disappear. Dr. Stiegele
CALCAREA CARBONICA is an excellent remedy for galactorrhoea. It will often modify the lacteal secretion and serve as a preventive of mammary abscess after weaning. Dr. Sheldon Leavitt.
The APIS paralysis often comes on after emotional stress especially after bad news. Homeopathic Recorder. '31
SARCOLACTIC ACID for Influenza with nausea and uncontrollable vomiting even of water with extreme weakness and prostration when ARSENICUM and IPECAC have failed. Dr. Beta
STAPHYSAGRIA: Cures the bad effects of tobacco smoking excoriated tongue; and gastralgia; the habit of "swallowing the tobacco smoke." Teste

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