Of all Homeopathic remedies for Toothache, none can compare with PLANTAGO Dr. Hale.
Cardiac failure: AMMONIUM CAUSTICUM – Dr. Blackwood
SEPIA is to be given in the evening because if given in the morning, it may produce a sufficient aggravation to leave the patient feeling quite useless for the day. Dr. R. A. F. Jack
SINUSITIS: in my experience, SEPIA is a treasure in Sinusitis, and also STICTA in the dry ones. Dr. E. W. Hubbard

CLINICAL TIPS: In CYSTITIS, ACONITE often removes the whole trouble in a very short time. Dr. Jahr
FERRUM PHOS 12X can be given to the toddler for a week or two, to strengthen his little body while it is growing so rapidly. Dr. M. Blackie

CLINICAL TIPS: Ascites due to menstrual difficulties especially at puberty or at menopause is cured by PULSATILLA. Dr. Jousset
If you have seasickness, with occipital headache, give PETROLEUM every time. Dr. D. M. Borland.


I have recognised that RHUS TOX is the best specific against the consequences of muscular strains and contusions. Dr. Hahnemann
The APIS paralysis often comes on after emotional stress especially after bad news. Homeopathic Recorder. '31

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