case study

A case of Backache cured by Homeopathy

Miss T---., a school-teacher, has been suffering for years from a pain in the sacrum, with constant nausea. She is never free from...
Homeopathy for Renal Colic

BERBERIS ~ Ureter pain

BERBERIS is an excellent remedy for renal colic. The pains are of a shooting character. The patient cannot make the slightest motion and must...


Complaints from straining flexor tendons: RUTA Dr. Boericke, M.D
Mag phos

What comes to mind

What comes to mind when you think of Magnesia phosphorica.
Kali Salts

KALI salts

KALI salts are excellent for the complaints of old age as they have an affinity for connective tissue, and old age means a loss...

Looseness of Bowels

Looseness of bowels before or during menstual periods: BOVISTA
Pedunculated fibroids


CALCAREA CARBONICA is of special value in cases of Pedunculated Fibroids. Dr. Burnett
case study

A case of Paralysis

Mr. Watrous, aged 85, suddenly became paralyzed, one whole side. After a short time he went into an unconscious condition, and his breathing became...

Acidum nitricum

Acidum nitricum is almost a specific for diarrhoea after antibiotics, especially the mycins. Dr. E. W. Hubbard

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