Dr. Boger in his little synoptic key, gives 3 remedies for NAIL BITING; ARSENICUM, SANICULA, HYOCYAMUS. I have found SANICULA to be the most effective in treating that condition. Dr. Dixon
KALI salts are excellent for the complaints of old age as they have an affinity for connective tissue, and old age means a loss of elasticity with stiffness in the joints and wandering pains. Causticum and Kali carb. are...
GLINICUM wipes out half the cases of SCIATICA that pass my way. Dr. Burnett.
Sleepnessness caused by over-exertion and extreme weariness of mind and body. Here, ARNICA never fails to summon the tired. Nature's sweet restorer balmy sleep. Dr. Tyler
Intense heartburn to the point of excoriating the teeth will be relieved by BRYONIA. Dr. Robert. L. Redfield
The remedy is known to be almost a specific for Gallstone colic; relieves the distress at once. CHOLESTERINUM.
CLINICAL TIPS A remedy indicated by exhaustion of the mind, apathy, depression and hopelessness. CADMIUM METALLICUM 30CH.
KALI CHLOR is a grand good remedy for strep throat. Dr. Charles. A. Dixon
SEPIA is to be given in the evening because if given in the morning, it may produce a sufficient aggravation to leave the patient feeling quite useless for the day. Dr. R. A. F. Jack
For those who are experiencing pain, in an old HERNIA or in a very recent case, NUX VOMICA 3CH may help. Dr. S. Philip Clements.

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