Homeopathic Clinical Tips for Boils


Clinical tips for Boils The progress of a boil may be arrested by SILICEA 3X .
Dermatitis Homeopathy


One would think of COCCULUS INDICUS in cases which develop a nervous type of dermatitis or eruption. Many of the eczemas and seborrhea fall...
Homeopathy for Fatigue

Homeopathy for Fatigue

ARSENICUM is the remedy for debility resulting from overtaxing of the muscular tissues, such as prolonged exertion, climbing mountains. Dr Farrington.
Homeopathy for Cancer

Homeopathy for Cancer

The more experience I have with the use of CADMIUM, the more convinced I am of their indispensable need in Cancer. Dr Grimmer.
Homeopathy Hypericum


CLINICAL TIPS: Hypericum HYPERICUM quite supercedes the use of Morphia after operations in my hands. Dr. Helmuth.
Homeopathy for gastritis

Homeopathy for Ulcers

In the gastrointestinal sphere where there is a history of an old duodenal ulcer with an intolerable burning epigastric pain and much flatulence, Argentum...
Homeopathy for Gallstone colic


The remedy is known to be almost a specific for Gallstone colic; relieves the distress at once. CHOLESTERINUM.
Homeopathy for constipation


Most often you will suffer from constipation after a fever or a critical condition, do not resort to chemical laxatives. Homeopathy has wonderful remedies...
Homeopathy for Pernicious Anemia


BOTHRIOCEPHALUS LATUS 200CH in single doses at long intervals is very useful in Pernicious Anemia. Within 2 to 6 weeks, the erythrocytes increase. Symptoms...
Homeopathy for galactorrhea


CALCAREA CARBONICA is an excellent remedy for galactorrhoea. It will often modify the lacteal secretion and serve as a preventive of mammary abscess after...



ARGENTUM NITRICUM for Claustrophobia. Dr. Tyler

Homeopathy for babies

In children with milk upsets and milk diarrhoea accompanied by thrush, NATRUM CARB. is one of your biggest standbys. Dr. D. M. Borland

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Bach Flower Essences

Cerato-The Intuition Flower

Cerato-The Intuition Flower Cerato (Ceratostigma Willmottiana) The Intuition Flower "From Indecisiveness to Inner Certainty" Dr. Bach's description: Those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make...

Vervain – The Enthusiasm Flower

Vervain- (Verbena Officinalis) The Enthusiasm Flower "From World Savior to Light Bearer." "Those with fixed principles and ideas, which they are confident are right, and rarely change...

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