Homeopathy for Migraine


Damiana is an excellent remedy for Migraine. In severe cases, the mother tincture may be given every half an hour, and the patient will sleep after two hours. Dr. R. B. Das
If you come across a case where the Bronchial tubes are loaded with mucus, which coughing does not loosen, Antim tart will rarely fail. Dr. A. H. Grimmer
"HYDRANGEA ARBORESCENS in uncomplicated enlargement of the elderly Prostate. Dr. Farrington"
In some Asthma of chldren, where, in addition to the wheezing and frequency of attack, there is great prostration one would expect in Arsenic and Arsenic palliates only, try NATRUM SULPH. It has saved the day in such cases. Dr....
ARGENTUM NITRICUM for Claustrophobia. Dr. Tyler
In obstinate case of Sterility, think of NATRUM CARBONICUM Dr. Moore
CLINICAL TIPS A remedy indicated by exhaustion of the mind, apathy, depression and hopelessness. CADMIUM METALLICUM 30CH.
If mental shock arises from death of a near relative, followed by langour, lassitude, or exhaustion, think of  PICRIC ACID. Dr. Wallace
Hydrarthrosis yields, according to Jahr, Jousset and others to IODIUM. Dr. Farrington

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