In pure nervous asthma, there is no medicine on which we may rely more confidently to relieve the paroxysms than CUPRUM MET. Dr. Russel
If an abscess forms and fails to point and surrounding tissues present a purplish hue, LACHESIS is called forth. Dr. Farrington, M.D
You will sometimes notice cases of retained placenta, hour-glass contraction of the Uterus. This peculiar contraction prevents the expulsion of the placenta. You may remove the after birth by the aid of the hand, but the safer plan is...
Homeopathy for suppression


PULSATILLA, above all other remedies, has the power to unlock suppressions of modern serum therapy. Dr. T. K. Moore. M.D
CLINICAL TIPS: I often use frequent doses of BELLADONNA 1X to relieve insomnia due to pain caused by RHEUMATISM. Dr. Cuthbert, M.D
The APIS paralysis often comes on after emotional stress especially after bad news. Homeopathic Recorder. '31
For the bad effects of narcotics: CHAMOMILLA & ACIDUM ACETICUM. Dr. Boericke
MAG PHOS can relieve the excruciating pain of cancer. Dr. Hesselton


Loss of function of a part of the body due to emotional elements requires IGNATIA. Dr. Diwan Harishchand. L.R.C.P, F.F. Hom

CLINICAL TIPS: SOLAR DERMATITIS which is a condition of great sensitivity to the rays of the Sun, is benefited by SULPHUR. Dr. Jacob Genis, M.D

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