CLINICAL TIPS A remedy indicated by exhaustion of the mind, apathy, depression and hopelessness. CADMIUM METALLICUM 30CH.
CLINICAL TIPS: KALI BICHROM: When the ulcer is at the cardiac end of the stomach.
Where a patient has had the so frequently prescribed Barbiturates and contracted the habit, CARBO VEGETALIS is almost a sure antidote. Dr. T.K. Mooore, M.D
CLINICAL TIPS CHAMOMILLA: When after abuse of Morphine to lull pain, sleeplessness ensues and the suffering grows intolerable not withstanding. Dr. C. G. Raue.
For the bad effects of narcotics: CHAMOMILLA & ACIDUM ACETICUM. Dr. Boericke
SEPIA is to be given in the evening because if given in the morning, it may produce a sufficient aggravation to leave the patient feeling quite useless for the day. Dr. R. A. F. Jack
Homeopathy for Otitis Aconitum Napellus In affections of the ear, Aconite is of service in acute otitis, with maddening pain. Here it is often superior to Pulsatilla or Chamomilla. General feverishness ; pain and soreness of the ear. Temple S Hoyne


Loss of function of a part of the body due to emotional elements requires IGNATIA. Dr. Diwan Harishchand. L.R.C.P, F.F. Hom
I have been astonished at its power over prolapsus uteri. It seems to strengthen the uterine ligaments. Dr. Hughes
Dr. R. B. Das PHOSPHOROUS is an excellent remedy for gum bleeding. The treatment should be commenced with this remedy unless it is ruled out by clear indications of other remedies.

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