PHILOSOPHY: HOMEOPATHY Kent , they rejected the outer physical aspects of disease as being the true realm of disease causation, believing the organism to possess...

PONDERINGS: A suppressed disease seems to have such a complete bond with the life-force that only the higher potencies reach deep down to sever that...
case study

A Case of Rheumatism:

A boy of thirteen, becoming overheated while roller skating, sat down on a curb stone to cool off. A severe cold resulted with general...
Homeopathy for Pernicious Anemia


BOTHRIOCEPHALUS LATUS 200CH in single doses at long intervals is very useful in Pernicious Anemia. Within 2 to 6 weeks, the erythrocytes increase. Symptoms...


The patient details the history of his sufferings; those about him tell what they heard him complain of, how he has behaved and what...


A remedy indicated by exhaustion of the mind, apathy, depression and hopelessness. CADMIUM METALLICUM 30CH.
case study

A Case of ECZEMA

May 1st. A young lady, daughter of a deceased homœopathic physician, discovered pediculi capitis three weeks ago, with itching of the head, which became...
Homeopathy for Piercing wounds


"Piercing wounds from pointed instruments should always be treated with HYPERICUM to prevent any untoward symptoms. ( Tetanus) Dr. Hering"


PHILOSOPHY: For treating insane-patients, I never allow any insane person to be punished, because there can be no punishment for involuntary actions, and because...

CLINICAL TIPS: Pain in the chest going down both arms: my first thought in ANGINA PECTORIS cases is SECALE COR 12X. You will find it...



Homeopathic Hospitals

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