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Inside kitchen of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital in New York. This image was taken in early 1900's. Three of the kitchen staff are preparing food and placing on trays, one of them is making tea. I Love Homeopathy, Iman
The Allentown State Hospital, located at 1600 Hanover Avenue, Rittersville, Hanover Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (see map below), was the first homeopathic hospital in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and was originally called the Pennsylvania Homeopathic Hospital for the Insane....
A mesmerizing view of a hall at Denver Homeopathic Hospital in Denver, Colorado - year 1900. It shows a great bronze bust of Dr. Hahnemann, and flowers in vases. Gas light fixtures hang from the ceiling. Lace curtains cover...
The Homeopathic Hospital of the State of Rhode Island in U.S., had 25 beds and treated about 5000 patients yearly by homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is a time-tested medicine that can effectively lower the cost of health care for governments. Contact...
A photo of staff at Hahnemann Hospital in New York in 1905. Long Live Homeopathy!
Rochester is well known for its contribution to nineteenth-century social reform through the efforts of individuals such as Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, but another distinction of its history is as a major center in nineteenth-century homeopathic medicine....
Another of Rochester’s homeopathic hospitals was the Hahnemann Homeopathic Hospital which today is the Highland Hospital. The origin of this Hospital came about as a result of a schism between the “Fundamental Homeopaths”, known as Hahnemannites and the...
The building of Hahnemann Hospital in 1912. Homeopathy is a time-tested medicine with a rich history! Homeopathy is a science, not a theory, put it to the test.
HISTORY: Homeopathic Hospital on corner of Dubuque and Jefferson Streets, at the University of Iowa, 1900s I Love Homeopathy, Iman :)
Homeopathic Hospital in Barcelona - Spain 1901

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