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We know of no medicine which has caused so great an improvement in the general health of our cancer patients as HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS and...

Nail Biting

Dr. Boger in his little synoptic key, gives 3 remedies for NAIL BITING; ARSENICUM, SANICULA, HYOCYAMUS. I have found SANICULA to be the...

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Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences for Addiction

Bach flower essences can be pf profound support when dealing with addiction. Some of the keynote remedies are: Agrimony- for those who turn to drugs...

Gorse – The Hope Flower

Gorse – The Hope Flower (Ulex Europaeus) “From Giving up to Going Forth” This is a BIG Depression remedy! “Very great hopelessness, they have given up belief...

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