Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Curry

Please meet Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Curry, a Homeopath Doctor from New York. She graduated in 1894 from New York Medical College and Hospital for...


HISTORY: The Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri opened in 1859 and began granting degrees to women in 1874. I Love Homeopathy, Iman

This is Miss Ida Jane Anderson, she was the first registered...

HISTORY: This is Miss Ida Jane Anderson, she was the first registered Nurse in New York State from the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital School of...
Hospital bill 1939

Hospital Bill of 1936

HISTORY: 1936 "The services for which the hospital billed my parents are itemized thus: Flat rate for 12 days room and board, delivery room,...
David Beckham Homeopathy

David Beckham

IN the 2002 World cup, David Beckham broke a bone in his foot. He was impressed with the results of the homoeopathic remedies he...
Catherine Zeta-Jones

CATHERINE ZETA JONES – A big fan of the homeopathic remedies

Whilst filming Chicago Catherine Zeta Jones revealed that she was a big fan of the homeopathic remedy Arnica, which she had commented had been...
Debbie moore


She relies on homeopathic medicine – and has done for 50 years – because she believes that ’more 90 percent of illnesses are triggered...


Aadil Chimthanwala is a fourth generation Homeopath. He completed his medical degree with honours and then studied Homeopathy. His passion for cardiology led him...


Cher in an interview to the Scottish Sunday Mail in an exclusive interview. "I don't think I'd still be around today if it weren't for...
Hahnemann Hospital

The Hahnemann Hospital

The building of Hahnemann Hospital in 1912. Homeopathy is a time-tested medicine with a rich history! Homeopathy is a science, not a theory, put...

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