case study

A case of CHRONIC ULCER cured by SULPHUR

James P — , 49 years of age, a compositor, consulted me on September 20th, 1879, for a chronic ulcer of the right leg....
case study

A Case of Epilepsy

E. F., set. 11, fell down stairs and struck his head. He became immediately unconscious, although no lesion could be observed, except a swelling...
case study

A Case of Impairment of Speech

Wm. T., aged 23 occupation clerk, consulted me, complaining of an impairment of speech, which had lasted seventeen years. No cause could be learned,...
case study

The Miraculous Drops that cure.

In real affections of the liver and spleen we are not always able to find an actual enlargement of or severe pain in these...
case study

A Case of Caries Tibiae

In a woman set. 40 years, who had been bitten on the leg by an insect six years before. The bite induced violent inflammation...

A case of CATARRH

Mr. W. D., aged 33, light complexion, blue eyes, healthy family except some catarrhal affections, school teacher by occupation, has suffered since he was...
Case Study


Miss XL, since seven years, a short, abrupt cough from tickling in the throat, extending into the bronchi, with sensation of concussion there ; expectoration like saliva...
case study


Miss B., school teacher, brunette, age 26, had taught for several years, and was very nervous and worried much about her work. She asked...
Case taking

A case of Vertigo and Nausea

Mr. W., a weak, pale man of forty-two years, whose business was at the writing desk, consulted me on the 5th of December, 1815...


I was called on to visit a Mrs. D., aged 40, who had come some forty miles to place herself under my care for...

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