case study

A Case of ECZEMA

May 1st. A young lady, daughter of a deceased homœopathic physician, discovered pediculi capitis three weeks ago, with itching of the head, which became...
Case Study

A Case of Bipolar disorder cured

A young woman of 31 yrs, an artist. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 3 yr back. I was on many allopathic drugs but stopped them...
Homeopathy health care system

Homeopathy helps a child blossom

A few years ago I treated a young man who really stretched my confidence in a remedy and in case taking.  I was so...
case study

A case of Cattarh

J. D., 32. Literary gentleman, with light hair and dark complexion ; constantly increasing catarrhal trouble of the nose for nearly three years....
Case Study


Mr. W., a wealthy farmer of this neighborhood, came to me on the 23d of April, 1860, saying that he had been told that...
Case Study


W., aged fifty-five, night watchman. Has always been a healthy, active man. Never had any severe sickness until May last, when he was seized...
case study

A case of Panama Fever cured by Homeopathy

J., aged 30, strong, muscular and hitherto healthy sent for me. He had been exposed about eight weeks before, while on the isthmus of...
Case Study

A case of Hypothyroidism

Patient is an 18yrs Bengali girl,married complaining of dysmmenorrhoea with profuse menses for 8 days duration. While case taking I found a swelling on...
case study

A case of Angina Pectoris

S. L. G., a man fifty years old, of bilious temperament, a dentist by profession, had slight attacks of angina after severe exposure and...
case study

A case for Rhus tox

Ingrowing toe nails and ulcers about the nails are often most troublesome affections, and the more we confine ourselves to the treatment of these...

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