Mind & Body

Sleepnessness caused by over-exertion and extreme weariness of mind and body. Here, ARNICA never fails to summon the tired. Nature's sweet restorer balmy sleep....

Homeopathic remedy for Lumbago

CLINICAL TIPS STAPHISAGRIA: The lumbar pains compel the patient to get up early. Dr. Farrington
Case Study

A Case of Bipolar disorder cured

A young woman of 31 yrs, an artist. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 3 yr back. I was on many allopathic drugs but stopped them...
Personalities Homeopathy


Homeopathy is a health care system that is highly individualized. A list of remedies where you can identify the remedy based on the personality NUX-V......................wants...
Homeopathy health care system

Homeopathy helps a child blossom

A few years ago I treated a young man who really stretched my confidence in a remedy and in case taking.  I was so...
Strep throat

Homeopathy for Strep Throat

KALI CHLOR is a grand good remedy for strep throat. Dr. Charles. A. Dixon

Hoarseness of voice

CLINICAL TIPS: Hoarseness caused by Weeping: Bromium  
case study

A case of Cattarh

J. D., 32. Literary gentleman, with light hair and dark complexion ; constantly increasing catarrhal trouble of the nose for nearly three years....
Homeopathy for teething children

Teething Children

Clinical tips for Children who are teething. "In teething children who get frantic; pulsating fontanelle, pain about one ear, with fierce and sudden screaming, Gelsemium...
Case Study


Mr. W., a wealthy farmer of this neighborhood, came to me on the 23d of April, 1860, saying that he had been told that...

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