One remedy we need much more often than we think in our cases is AURUM METALLICUM, which is always needed when there is hypertrophy...
Homeopathy for heartburn

Homeopathy for Heartburn

Intense heartburn to the point of excoriating the teeth will be relieved by BRYONIA. Dr. Robert. L. Redfield


Wheezing, shortness of breath and cough in the dry form, ACONITE is one of our best remedies. Dr. Burt
Homeopathic Clinical tips for Colds

Homeopathic Clinical Tips for Colds

If you have a Pulsatilla cold, and in addition to it you have sneezing, give Cyclamen. Dr Dewey.

Bleeding gums

Dr. R. B. Das PHOSPHOROUS is an excellent remedy for gum bleeding. The treatment should be commenced with this remedy unless it is ruled out...
case study

A Case of ECZEMA

May 1st. A young lady, daughter of a deceased homœopathic physician, discovered pediculi capitis three weeks ago, with itching of the head, which became...
Piles Homeopathy


After COLLINSONIA has improved piles, AESCULUS cures it. Dr. Allen.
Homeopathy for Otitis


Homeopathy for Otitis Aconitum Napellus In affections of the ear, Aconite is of service in acute otitis, with maddening pain. Here it is often superior to Pulsatilla...


CIMICIFUGA is only second to PULSATILLA in amenorrhea specially suppressed from cold and emotion. Dr. Cowperthwiate

Gunpowder for infections

I have found GUNPOWDER very useful for patients who have had abcessed teeth extracted. I helps fight the infection in the gums and aids...

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