Case of Trigeminal Neuralgia


Clinical case
Mr. F. M. B., age 50, has had tri geminal neuralgia for nearly thirty years. His mother and a brother also suffered from the same affection. The pain starts near the root of the canine tooth, upper left side, extending to the root of the nose upwards into left eye, and at times to the vertex. It comes like a flash, lasts a varying period of time and goes as quickly as it came. It is worse from the slightest motion of the adjacent parts, talking, eating, light touch – even touching the mustache. It is worse in the wind, whether cold or warm, probably because it causes the mustache to vibrate. Sometimes it comes on the first moving in the morning. It seldom occurs at night while lying down. It is relieved very slightly from hard pressure, and occasionally, though not often, by heat. During the pain tears roll down the cheeks from the eye of the affected side, and after the paroxysm the eyeball itches. From January 24, 1906, to June of the same year he received Magnesia Phos., Sepia, Magnesia carb. and Spigelia with very slight, if any, benefit, and finally becoming discouraged he returned to his old school physician.

Indirectly I heard that he still had spells of excruciating pain, ant that his nervous system was gradually giving way under the strain.

However, early last June I received word that Mr. B. wanted to see me at his residence in Evanston. On arriving there I found the poor man in the midst of a severe spell of his old neuralgia, thoroughly disheartened and almost on the verge of nervous prostration. Through the persuasion of some of his friends he had determined to try homœopathy once more, as he had obtained no relief from any other form of treatment.

The symptoms were practically the same as those given above, excepting that there was no relief from heat or pressure. The effect of slight motion of lip or tongue was increased so that sucking or even swallowing almost invariably renewed the attack.

But two new symptoms were added, itching of the affected parts before the pain and tingling and itching afterwards. He always knew when the pain was about to start, because the side of the face or the upper lip began to itch. This placed the case in a new light. A brief review of the repertory showed Mezereum to be the only remedy which covered the symptoms group ; then he was given the 30th potency, to be taken every three hours until the pain was relieved, then at longer intervals. The effect was almost immediate, and he continued to improve until he was able to start for Santa Catalina, off the coast of California, for a month’s needed rest. (H. Farrington).

A case from the Clinic of Dr. E. B. Nash




  1. It makes you think that one of the origins may be chicken pox/shingles wihout the rash.No wonder mezereum works.


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