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I am honoured to present the Materia Medica of Capsicum, whose prover was Dr Hahnemann himself.


C:– Crackling of joints. A cough with pain far from the chest. Constriction in fauces,throat,nares,chest,bladder, urethra or rectum. Catarrhal asthma, with a red face and well-marked sibilant rales and successful cough, raises phlegm which relieves asthma. Cheeks of redness, accompanied by sleeplessness in persons with homesickness. Chilly patient with a nervous temperament.

A:– Atrophy of testes. Atonic dyspepsia. Abstainer from accustomed alcoholism.

P:-Phlegmatic temperament with laxness of muscles. Peevish, easily offended. Pyrexia with chilliness predominant. Priapism of violent type only subdued by cold water. Pain in distal parts: bladder, knees, legs or ears on coughing. Persistent thoughts of suicide yet does not want to kill himself, hence resists these thoughts which torment him. The patient is very taciturn, peevish and obstinate with great clumsiness, awkwardness wants to be left alone at home. Phlegmatic diathesis with psora in the background.

S: – Sore throat in smokers and drinkers. Soreness of the anus and stools of bloody mucus with tenesmus worse at night. Stiffness and painfulness of joints when beginning to move. Strangury. Smarting sensation as from cayenne pepper in the throat and other parts, not relieved by heat and aggravated by application of cold water, draught of cold air. Spasmodic constriction with burning and other pains worse between the acts of deglutition. Stool every time is followed by thirst and shuddering follows every time one drinks. A sensation of coldness in the stomach. Sciatica worse bending backwards and worse by coughing.

I: – Inclined to be jovial, yet gets angry at trifles. Intense burning along the urethral canal. Influenza with violent sneezing and sore throat. Intense craving for stimulants, inclined to get fatty, with laxness of muscles. Increased acuteness of senses. Inflammation of the petrous portion of the temporal bone, very tender to touch. Intermittent fever with chill predominant with thirst in the chill, Cough or during the chill and heat and much pain in the back and limbs.

C: – Coldness of the scrotum with impoteA cough of explosive nature with escape of pungent fetid air. Caries of the mastoid. Chills begin between the shoulder blades. Chill predominates in the back and there is an inordinate desire for cold water but drinking causes shivering. Coldness ofthe body increases so does the ill humour.

U: -Unsuccessful desire to urinate. Urethral discharge purulent, bloody, cream like. Uncleanliness of the body in general.

M:– Much deficient reaction or lack of reaction especially in fat people. Much flatulent distension of the abdomen. Marked thirst but drinking causes shuddering. Myalgia with jerking of the muscles.





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