CANTHARIS given internally quickly cures the inflamed and horrible swellings that may follow insect bites.
Dr. M. L. Tyler

  • Geeta Dash

    T Thank u sir

  • Jugendra Pal Singh

    APIS.MEL is also a good medicine for honey fly bite

  • Frances Wortley

    As long as you don’t drink coffee after taking it. They don’t agree.

  • Zahid Akbar

    What’s use of bismuthum metalicum

  • Juniad Imdad

    Yes it’s true but inflammation should be of gangreneous type and there should be burning of the inflammed area.

  • Jawaid Mallick

    APIS LEDUM. CALENDULA q may be used

  • Nancy Sophia

    Cantharis is from Spanish Fly….

  • Tineke van der Werff

    I wish I remembered this before coming to Canada! Bitten badly!

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    How treat polyuria in children

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    Pl tell remedy for viral fever with throat pain

  • Susan Doubleu

    Ledum helped so much

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    Obviously Canthris ,,and Apis Mel.too

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    Aparato urinario, el paciente refiere siento que me cortan con navajas!

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    Good to know, Thanks!

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    used apis and ledum

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    Very good remedy

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    remedy for adrenal fatigue ?

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  • Nancy Schenk

    I had very good success this past summer using Ferr Phos liquid on mosquito bites!

  • Marlene Bracks

    Really needed to have this knowledge now as a friend was bitten by something that later caused an ulcer. Moments after the bite began to sting and she went off to the hospital ,that gave her some antibiotics.Started with Ledum but needed something else.Think it was a spider bite as it was spring here.

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    Exc. Para la candidiasis vaginal.