Bernard H., The HOmeopathic Treatment of Constipation
In Hahnemann’s Materia Medica we find “for the first give days stool as usual, but on the two following, complete constipation.
with sensation at the anus as if something cold was falling drop
by drop upon the skin. Jahr who places Cannabis sat. in the
second rank in the treatment of constipation in general,
recommends it among others as serviceable for accidental
Berjeau J.P.H., The Homeopathic Treatment Syphilis, Gonorrhea,
Characteristic effects and indications of the medicines writes:
Retention of urine, or strangury, the urine mixed with filaments of
blood, burning stinging, and smarting pain in the urethra
during urination, urine mixed with mucus and pus, requiring the use of a catheter, spreading fan’shaped stream, frequent
erections followed by stitches in the urethra, painless swelling
of the whole penis, swelling of the right and lower side of
the prepuce, the prepuce is dark, red, hot and inflamed,
continual burning of the whole prepuce and glans, corrosive
burning and stinging of the outer parts of the prepuce and the
corona glandis, soreness of the margin of the prepuce, and
its skin is covered with bright red spots of the size of a pea.
The glans is dark red, the same as the prepuce, secretion of
humor behind the corona glandis, tensive pain in the spermatic
cord when standing, and contraction of the scrotum, with sense
of pressure in the testicles, a sort of dragging swelling of the prostate gland, painless discharge of mucus from urethra.
for violent pains in the tends achillis.
Cannabis sativa for asthmatic attacks, he can only breathe when standing up. Difficult respiration when lying down, Violent+palpitation of the heart. Feeling of weariness. Injection of the vessels of the conjunctiva. Great photophobia and lachrymation
Cornea opaque and vascular. Dimness of vision. Cataract.
Sensation as if intoxicated. Congestive headache. Sensation
as of a heavy weight on the vertex. Burnet JC Curability of Cataract Materia Medica.
In Boger CM Boenninghausen’s Characteristics
describes Mind Ideaas to stand still. Toogreat rush of ideas.
Sad, dejected mood, Takes everything in bad part., Cheerful,
alternating with grave mania. Vertigo causing him to fall sidewise.




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