Douglass M.E. Pearls in Homoeopathy Materia Medica
Exaltation of spirit, with excessive loquacity. Hallucinations
and imaginations innumerable. Fixed ideas. Imagines
he hears music, shuts his eyes, and is lost for some time
int he most delicious thoughts and fancies.
Uncontrollable laughter, till the face became purple and the
back and loins ache. Constant fear of becoming insane.
Every few moments loses himself, and then wakes up, as
it were, to those around him. Exaggeration of duration of
time and extent of space, seconds seem ages, a few rods
an immense distance. Frequent involuntary shaking of
his head. On regaining consciousness, violent shocks pass
through his brain. Fixed gaze, Injection of the vessels of
the conjunctiva of both eyes. While reading, the letters run
together, throbbing and fullness in both ears, Ringing and
buzzing in the ears, Drowsy, stupid look.
Lips feel as if glued together. White, thick, frothy and
sticky saliva. The throat is parched, accompanied by intense
thirst of cold water. Ravenous hunger. Pain in the cardiac
orifice. On squeezing the glans penis a white glairy mucus
oozes out.
Burning and scalding before, during and after urination.
Stinging pain, before, during and after urination.
Profuse colorless urine
Rough cough, scratching the breast immediately under the
sternum. Pulse below the natural standard, as low as 46.
Pain across the shoulders and spine, forcing him to
stoop, and preventing him from walking erect.
Paralysis of the lower extremities and right arm
agreeable thrilling through the arms and hands, and in
both limbs from the knees down. Thoroughly exhausted
from a short walk. Excessive sleepiness. Profuse sticky
sweat, standing out in drops of the forehead.
Allen H.C. Keynotes and Characters writes of Cannabis i.
very forgetful, forgets his last words and ideas, begins a
sentence, forgets what he intends to speak, inability to
recall any thoughts or event on account of other thoughts
crowding his brain. Constant theorizing.
Full of fun and mischief, then perhaps moaning and crying.
Great apprehension of approaching death.
Time seems immense, a few rods seem miles.
Sensation as if the calvarium was opening and shutting.
Sensation of swelling in the perineum or near the anus,
as if sitting on a ball.
Relations Compare, Bell, Hyos, Stram.




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