Borland D.M children’s type, Group I lethargic.
The Calc children are typically soft, over-fat, fair, chilly,
and lethargic, look surprisingly fit but, nevertheless, do not
posses much energy either mental or physical.
Overweight in early life, soft fat rather than muscle, but
they appear healthy.
There is a tendency to tickets, with enlarge epiphyses,
big head, slow close of fontanelles, tendency to sweat,
chilly but very hot with slightest exertion. They sweat at
night and often will stick the feet outside the covers, so
this characteristic is not only related with Sulphur.
Older children are the same, appear fairly healthy, look
well nourished, but are sluggish, mentally and physically.
Slow at school, slow at games, liable to sprain their ancles,
weak muscles, sweat on exertion, constantly take fresh
“COLDS”. Liable to have enlarged tonsils, cervical glands,
big bellies. They lack stamina, are easily scared, and
lack initiative, they like to sit and do nothing, very sensitive,
and cannot bear to be laughed at.
Clumsy in their movements, bad at games, they give up
because they hate being scoffed at or laughed at.
Difficulty with subjects at school, they do not answer questions
in class in case they are wrong and will be laughed at.
In early Childhood Calc children always tend to have
diarrhea, with pale stools lacking bile pigment.
Outstanding characteristics, comfortable when they are
constipated and their bowels are inert.
Agg. from any physical or mental exertion, or from
any kind of rapid movement, these children suffer from
carsickness and train-sickness.
another characteristic is very definite dislike of too hot food.
they are fond of Ice-cream, aversion from meat and
occasionally, there is a definite craving for eggs-in any
another indication is the children are below par they
become nervous and scared. they are perfectly happy as
long there is somebody about, the sit peacefully and play,
when it gets dark they are scared to go to bed without
a light in the room.
they develop acute nightmare and wake up in the night
screaming. A very common type of the Calc child’s
nightmare is seeing horrible faces in the dark.
for ILH
Beatriz H Hill,




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