Humans become infected by coming in contact with animals or animal products that are contaminated with these bacteria.

In humans brucellosis can cause a range of symptoms that are similar to the flu and may include fever, sweats, headaches, back pains, and physical weakness. Severe infections of the central nervous systems or lining of the heart may occur. Brucellosis can also cause long-lasting or chronic symptoms that include recurrent fevers, joint pain, and fatigue..

  • Pradeep Kumar Vn

    Tetracyclin is the drug of choice in allopathy.

  • Min Gyi

    Brucellosis fever
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  • Naeem Iqbal

    In Pakistan it is increasing day by day.

  • Naeem Iqbal

    Echinacea Q + Bapticia 30


    It also affects the people who are not “Born in the USA” 🙂

  • Marjan Ralic

    Is there any homeopathic therapy?

  • Phil de Jong

    Is that being infected with Bruce Springsteen’s music? Man, I’ve got that bad…