Yellow Viper From de Island of Martinique Authority

Ozanam is the authority of this remedy and its peculiar symptoms are Amaurosis, day blindness “can scarcely see her way after Sunrise”.

Inability to Articulate without any affection of the tongue, hemorrhages fluid and black. Paralysis of one arm or one leg only. Deep gangrenes Bones laid bare and necrotic. Intolerably pain in right great toe, the diagonal symptoms are marked. in Anthrax, malignant erysipelas, swollen lymphatic glands face is swollen and puffy besotted expression Throat red dry, constricted, swallowing difficult, cannot pass liquids. Stomach epigastric distress, black vomiting intense hematemesis, tympani ties and bloody stool Worse right side Its venom is most coagulating, (also Lachesis). Broken-down, hemorrhagic constitutions; septic states. Great lassitude and sluggishness; hemorrhages from every orifice of the body; black spots. Hemiplegia with aphasia. Inability to articulate, without any affection of the tongue. Nervous trembling. Pain in right big toe.

Diagonal course of symptoms. Pulmonary congestion. Confusion of mind, forgetfulness, words while speaking, of word hunting. Mistakes, makes, talking, using wrong words. Aphasia.

Right sided complaints Hemorrages, Dark blood, does not coagulate, General amelioration in a dark room, pains exhaustion and depression paralysis due to thrombosis and embolism.

Confirmed therapeutic hints. Cerebro vascular throboembolism thrombo embolic phenomenon in brain, right sided paralysis, complete aphasia, putrid carrion-like odor, cerebral hemorrhage which arises from injuries of the head. Thrombosis and hemorrhage of central artery of the retina bleeding from eyes, dim vision, worse in sunlight gangrene, right sided, gangrene of the bones, where the bones become bare from gangrene and necrotic Pulmonary edema, most obstinate cases of pulmonary edema. Cyanosis, chest-congestion, diseases, abscess, suppurations. Opisthotonos, back, phlebitis, milk leg, phlegmasia alba dolens.




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