Farringtone E.A. Clinical Materia Medica
Contains an alkaloid Berberina when given in large doses
produces restlessness, convulsive trembling, thirst, diarrhea
and finally paralysis of the posterior extremities.
Acts in kidneys and bladder than any other part of the body.
next the liver, and last the mucous membranes.
Berberis in peritonitis, metritis, when marked by the kidney
symptoms. Renal regions sticking, digging, tearing pains,
worse from deep pressure, for they are evidently in the
kidneys themselves. pains extend down the back
into the pelvis along the course of the ureters. with tensive
pressive pain across the small of the back which feels stiff
and numb radiating from the kidneys down into the small
of the back. Bubbling feeling as if the water were coming
up through the skin is a peculiar symptom and one that may
point very strongly to this remedy.
Bladder cutting pains with burning even after urinating.
some time appears in liver affections, with sticking pain
under the border of the false ribs on the right side and the
pain seems to shoot from the hepatic region down through
the abdomen in gall stone colics.
Stools of Berberis are accompanied by violent burning in the
anus, surrounding parts are sore, frequent or constant
desire for stool, also in fistula of the anus.
In fistula copare Silica, Sulphur, Ign, and Cal phos, the latter
when lung symptoms are present as the result of an operation
for removal.
Berb. in females when leucorrhea or menstrual difficultly is
associated with the peculiar urinary symptoms of the drug.
Berb. in disease of the joints, with tearing and burning pains
and the bubbling sensation, also in reumatisms or gout
When blood appears in Urine exams, berberis is the remedy.
Renal calculi, with greenis urine, bloody, turbid and full of slimy mucus, agg. movement as increases pain.
with chills and fever, coldness of body with hot face 11am.
burning heat in afternoon. agg. at night,
For sand, stones in kidneys or gall bladder, face pale
and sunken, marked postration, dark circles about the eyes,
buring pain in the region of the kidneys, clay colored stool,
The urine is red or yellow, turbid.
Mental condition is indifference, apathy, melancholy with
inclination to weep, aversion to darkness, terrifying apparitions
in the twilight, with vertigo and heaviness. amel open air.
heat of head after dinner or afternoon. scalp tense or
puffy feeling in head, mouth dry and sticky painful white
blisters on tip of tongue, pit of stomach is puffed up.

by Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopatica Behhill




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