Benefits of Calendula

case study

W. C. had his fingers caught in the wheel of a mill; the anterior joint of the index-finger, and two joints of the ring-finger were entirely torn off, and the fleshy part of the tip of the middle finger was likewise carried away ; a small portion of the bare bone of the second joint of the ring-finger had remained, and the patient was very anxious to have it amputated. It was left, however, with the hope that the granulation might be
favourable, and cover this little remnant of the joint with fleshy particles.

The Calendula was applied on the second day after the occurrence of the accident. The result of the application was very satisfactory. The wounds did not suppurate, and the granulation went on undisturbed to the termination of the cure. The little spiculum of bone on the ring-finger had exfoliated slightly at the tip, but that portion of the bone which was adhering to the joint had become covered with flesh.




  1. Calendula, along with arnica, is the most often used remedy in our house. Having 2 kids I’m more than certain to have to use one or other at least few times per week.

  2. since i started using calendula after burning myself “here and there” from time to time, I have not had a blister or pain after ano hour or two. Truly a must have in everyone’s kitchen!


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