Bellis perennis

What comes to mind when you think of Bellis perennis.




  1. 7month ago while playing cricket I got a blow on my hydrocel with ball and then its starts to pain till the date its paining plz help me what to do which medicine I need to take

  2. Remembering that night time doses may affect sleep in some .Margery Blackie.

  3. For stone in kidney you can try Berberis Vulgaris Q +Boerhaavia Q ten drops each in warm water thrice a day and Colocynth Q if any pain in pelvic rgn or lumbar

  4. Hello dr’s…
    I m persuing bhms final yr from bhopal..
    I want to become a true homoeopath… nt a mongrel sect U0001f602
    I wanna do practise… z that anyone who can help me??

  5. I’ve read on some forums this is good for endometriosis. But not sure whether this is true

  6. Deep tissue. Used it for my husband,1987,after bowel cancer op. Wonderful recovery, still going strong at age 83!

  7. Refreshes the parts that Arnica can’t reach… Pain in the coccyx from sitting long periods, eg. on a long flight.


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