Bellis perennis

What comes to mind when you think of Bellis perennis.

  • Muhammad Adnan AU

    best medine for sprains…

  • Gisela Di Carlo

    deep bruising and even broken bones to heal faster

  • Anis Ur Rahman

    Best for backache

  • Imran Ali

    7month ago while playing cricket I got a blow on my hydrocel with ball and then its starts to pain till the date its paining plz help me what to do which medicine I need to take

  • Sonia Roy

    Deep abdominal surgeries/injuries

  • Vijay Kaushal

    Definite for deep injuries.

  • Muhammad Tahir

    Three remedies for inj arnica belis ruta

  • Arunava Goswami

    Inner organ injury

  • Marlene Bracks

    Remembering that night time doses may affect sleep in some .Margery Blackie.

  • Marlene Bracks

    Use Arnica as well depending on the labour case.

  • Mohammad Owais

    berberis Q , Prere Q Hydrengea Q Sarkanda Q

  • Sruthi Mai

    Auto traumatism deep muscle injury especially abdominal and pelvic muscle

  • Sruthi Mai

    Wound wart gardereners remedy

  • Claudia Zöllner

    Pain abdominal surgery

  • Priyanshi Srivastava

    For stone in kidney you can try Berberis Vulgaris Q +Boerhaavia Q ten drops each in warm water thrice a day and Colocynth Q if any pain in pelvic rgn or lumbar

  • DrSonam Soni

    Hello dr’s…
    I m persuing bhms final yr from bhopal..
    I want to become a true homoeopath… nt a mongrel sect U0001f602
    I wanna do practise… z that anyone who can help me??

  • Anju Khare

    Anyone pl tell me remedy for stone in kidney.3to 4 mm

  • Nosheen Younas

    Pelvis symphises diastiss

  • Fauzia Afzal

    excellent remedy for sprain and bruises

  • Iryna Chupryna

    I’ve read on some forums this is good for endometriosis. But not sure whether this is true

  • Margaret Davies

    Deep tissue. Boobs and balls

  • Sheila Nicholson

    Deep tissue. Used it for my husband,1987,after bowel cancer op. Wonderful recovery, still going strong at age 83!

  • Saurav Roy

    Deep muscle injury

  • Rupali Bhagoria Suryavanshi

    I have tried this liquid with mineral water for ovarian cyst

  • Serge Lavorel

    Bellis Perennis under “homeopatic snow”…

  • Ismar Pereira Filho

    Trauma of deep tissues, of course!

  • Vaibhav Yadav

    treat the cardiovascular system (mainly)

  • Nancy Kettles Dudt

    Refreshes the parts that Arnica can’t reach… Pain in the coccyx from sitting long periods, eg. on a long flight.

  • Triloki Nath Mehta

    Trauma of the deep tissue

  • Michael Law

    The gardeners friend .

  • Sara Langley

    Post birth, save the arnica and go for Bellis 🙂