Homeopathic Remedy for Weaning

BELLADONNA is an excellent remedy to aid in diminishing the flow of milk after weaning.
Dr. H. Farrington

  • Win Myint

    It is a good redemy for injury pain.

  • Karthika Babu

    Lac can is best for dry up the milk ,, urtica urens increases the milk…

  • Ardy Kuhlman

    Sunburn?? Oh thank you!!

  • Couann Benner

    great remedy …..also good for teething…

  • Constance McQuoid

    right ear pain

  • Ganesh Nagare

    This type of posts are highly welcomed

  • Betterfami Care

    Also use lac can. & urtica urens For weaning.

  • Kathy N Tom Martin

    Works for mastitis, too. Any certain types of ear infections. Belladonna is the bomb!

  • Carole CW

    Heat stroke and sunburn too!

  • Tim Man

    Good to know