Baryta carbonica

Baryta carbonica

The pains are more particularly felt on the left side, most of them come on while sitting, and go off during movement or in the open air.

The limbs go to sleep when lying on them.

Inability to rest on the left side, owing to orgasm of the blood, palpitation of the heart, with soreness in the heart, and anxiety.

The weakness, which is generally a kind of heaviness, is most supportable while lying down.

Complaints of old people or of children, particularly physical, nervous and mental weakness.

  • Tasneem Parker

    Low muscle tone

  • Zain Ul Abdin

    Very nice remedy for throts priblem

  • Sanjit Bhattacharya

    Want to know more about Baryta Carb, particularly in respect of RA,or OA

  • Winston Chirambo

    Childish behavior ,recurrent tonsillitis

  • Anas Noor

    Baryta Carbonica follows Merc Sol 200 in chronic tonsillitis, and gives promising results.

  • Anamika Shahi

    Yaaa it’s also good for old people.