Baccillinum Burnett Nosode

In the proving a severe headache, deep in agg. by motion, was a constant symptom, also a slight cough with easy expectoration of phlegm. Acute tuberculosis cases,

Dr. Cartier used it in cases with excessive mucopurulent bronchial secretion threatening to occlude the lungs.
Dr. Burnett has shown that ringworm of the scalp and pityriasis versicolor on the body is indication of tubercular diathesis and they respond to this remedy, also they are leading indications for it when present in combination with other affections.
A case of insanity with pityriasis yielded rapidly to the remedy. Pityriasis has been cured by it when all attempts to kill the body-lice by parasiticides were useless.

Dr. Young has recorded the cure of several cretinous patients, and in patients with family history of chest affections. I have found a eczematous conditions of the margins of the eyelids a strong indication for it. agg. at night and early morning. agg. by cold air,

Calc phos, goes with this remedy very well so does Lachesis, and Kali C,

Dr. Patak S.R. Materia Medica
Nosode prepared from tuberculous sputum, or pus from the infected lung indicated in catarrhal conditions, of the lungs when bronchorrhea and dyspnea are present. Constant disposition to take cold, tubercular meningitis, lands of the neck enlarged and tender.
Useful as an intercurrent remedy.

Mohanty N. Text Book of Hmeopathic M. M.
Specially adapted to the light complexioned narrow-chest subject with blue eyes, who are tall, slim and active, but rapidly emaciate especially children, persons who are precocious mentally, but weak physically.
Temperament, nervous persons with the tubercular soil
Psora is in the background
Tubercular and scrofulous diathesis
Ravenous appetite with emaciation, aversion to food with hunger, thirst for small quantities of water.




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