Bach Flower Essences for Menopause

Crab apple

When using Bach Flower essences in a case of menopause the following remedies may prove useful along with personalized essences based on the clients individual needs:

Beech– For moodiness, being critical; especially in cases where one feels vulnerable or unstable, and also for hypersensitivity.

Crab Apple– For one who may feel or be experiencing symptoms of physical toxicity due to the lack of or cessation of menstrual flow. A sense of wanting the body to feel purified and in alignment.

Impatiens– For moodiness due to feelings of impatience, and wanting one to hurry.

Olive– For physical exhaustion and fatigue, due to the transition of the menstrual cycle.

Walnut– To assist in any transition or change.

Of course it is recommended to consult with a Certified flower essence practitioner to find the best matching remedies, however these will give you a great starting point.




  1. Nice…M thinking to use Bach flower Remedies now….hoping to c good results on my patients


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