#79 in the periodic table Au for Gold in Latin
AURUM METALLICUM: Metallic Gold. APOLO God of creation
related to Aurum metallicum, the highest, the best, the winner
and the opposite when sick.
Aurums develops in the organism a preference in the blood,
…lymphatic system and bones.
For sanguine ruddy persons, with dark hair, dark eyes, old people,
scrofolous or mercurial syphilitic subjects.
Profound melancholia with desire for death and suicidal tendencies.
often connected with liver troubles in men and uterine problems in
With a need to success, has the sickess and depression for loss.
has a feeling that he has neglected something, his friends, he imagines
that he is wholly evil, has sinned away his way of grace, not worthy of
salvation, thinks he is wholly unfit to this world, and then longs to die.
His state of mind is an insanity dreadful to look upon because of its
turbulence in most profound state of melancholy and depression where
the patient sits silent and says nothing, but when disturbed arouses to
great vehemence, anger and violence. His unusual responsability makes
him work for his aims.
Aurum for syphilis or loss of property, persons repeatedly
druged with mercurious have Rheumatic pains, swollen joints worse at
night makes patient walk all night,
The psycological state of aurum is quite different from the succesfful
person that pursue visions for the betterment of society and does this
without the motive of personal gain.
The aurum state of excessive envisioning propelled by selfish motives.
the person wishes to always be the best and spares no effort to achieve
his goal. He works the whole day in order to realize his ambition to
reach the top, but even he is methodical, he possesses an inner strenghth
which pushes toward the materialization of the vision but he takes it as a
great failure if he comes second and cannot stand being defeated because
he gets SICK as he always wants to win.
from that state of mind he feels DEPRESSED.
Chelidonimum and staphisagria will return this patient over these awful
attacks of violence and turmols of irritability, his sensation go inside of
feelings and keeps them tight inside so that no one perceives it.
Aurum for difficult breathing or heart ailments, palpitations with great
agony extreme opression in the region of the heart on walking fast and
going upstars with oedema of the lower limbs.
Rheuma with pains wander from joint to joint and finally locate in the heart.
Cures craving for alcohol, the craving drunkwards.
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill




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