Homeopathic remedy for Asthma

One should certainly think of DROSERA for Asthma with tubercular history.
Dr. Tyler.




  1. Sir I am suffering from COPD.ASTHAMA for last 10 years and confined to bed for the last two years ago and I have taken all kinds of medicines and conditions become worst I have taken Fish treatment from Hyderabad Kheer Treatment Recently I have taken Dambail leaves with Kaali Mirch for SEVEN DAYS Instead of three days but no vomiting and no relief now I am taking Three types of inhalers Cap.and Tablets and other Medicines of Desi as and when ever required. My Present position is that I cannot come out from room as I feel breathing problems when ever some body prepare the vegetables etc etc and I am unable to get down to the stairs and updown the stairs feel breathing problems very much weakness.I have lost each and every thing during these 10 years Health Wealth and Social circle and life became an burden as I am struggling between life and death if you could help me kindly do an favour for me and my family.

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