Arsenicum album

The white oxide of Metallic Arsenic, As2 O3. Solution and trituration.

Arsenic is the horse’s remedy; as Puls. is the sheep’s, and Antim. crud. the pig’s. The reprehensible fashion of “doctoring” horses with Arsenic is merely an abuse of a therapeutic fact. The horse is an animal on whose power of endurance and “wind” enormous demands are made, and Arsenic is the remedy for the effects of feats of prolonged endurance. The Arsenic habit of the Styrian mountaineers has arisen from the discovery of its power of strengthening the muscles both of the limbs and of the breathing apparatus. But in another way the horse typifies the Arsenic temperament. The mental symptoms of my drug, when pronounced, carry precedence of all others. The horse is an exceedingly nervous animal, constantly moving about, restless to a degree, and very prone to take fright─quite a picture of the Arsenic temperament. According to Teste Arsen. acts much more powerfully on vegetable-eating animals than on carnivora (opp. Nux v.); and it is suited to the effect’s of excess of vegetable diet, melons, strawberries, and fruits in general, especially watery fruits.

Restlessness is one of the grand characteristics of Arsenic. Even the stupor of Arsenic is interrupted by fits of restlessness with anxious moaning. Patients are anxious, full of the fear of death, restlessness compelling them to frequently change their position. Hence the applicability of the drug in many nervous affections, notably chorea. Jerks and starts on falling asleep. Irritability, desperately angry; almost furious. Despair, hopelessness, unutterable misery. The irritability and sadness of malarial cachexias; of the cachexias of quinine, mercury, and syphilis. Low types of disease; typhoid states.

Inflammations of great intensity with tendency to destruction of tissue. Burning, lancinating pains. Burning is another of the leading characteristics of Arsenic. No other remedy has it in more pronounced degree. The peculiarity of the “burnings” of Ars. is that they are > by heat (herein comparing with Capsic.).

The burning in the throat is > by eating or drinking hot things. On the other hand cold food and cold drinks in warmth, which distinguishes it from Cepa especially. Arsenic is predominantly right-sided. The neuralgias affect the right side most; the right lung (“acute, sharp, fixed or darting pain in apex and through upper third of right lung”) is more affected than the left; also the right side of the abdomen, hence typhlitis.

Many dropsical conditions are controlled by Arsen. Especially has it done brilliant work in cases of hydrothorax. It has been called the “liquid trochar,” on account of the expeditions way in which it will remove a watery effusion. The patient cannot lie down; must sit up to breathe; anxious; restless; warmth. Arsen. loves warmth like Nux v., Psor., Hepar, Silic., Mag. mur. and other hydrogenoids, and herein is differentiated from Sul., Ant. crud., Iod., Apis, and Puls. Arsen. hugs the fire and likes warm wraps. Lying with head high.




  1. One of my most used, and most prescribed remedies,both acutely and constitutionally.

  2. Most of the patients that come from Allopathy need Arsenicum first, as they show the Similimum to it . But a single dose in 200c is enough to start with. Generally it cures most of the symptoms or else leads to a more appropriate remedy.

  3. It is best remady for Irritable weakness, septic infections, barning sansation, malarial cachexia.

  4. Vazgha Valamudan,sanjay u r rt,also removes poison frm the body due to soft drinks nd food too.

  5. physically too weak to move but mentally restlessness.burning is the first and foremost symptom.relived by hot all over the body except head.

  6. Shihad Shohagh The best remedy will be one that is chosen by a qualified Homeopath. There is no one remedy for most ailments and disease. You need to have a case taken and a prescription for the remedy that best suits the whole person. We do not prescribe on one symptom. Look at the CHC website for an international list of Certified Classical Homeopaths in your area. Good luck!

  7. It has a broad range of action. Read the Materia Medica, and learn the spectrum covered by this marvelous remedy

  8. Arsanic used and better result but this diises is not complite …… next medicin is Nat sulph is complite this dises……
    complite cure…..
    Thank you…..
    Dr. Avi Samanta

  9. This remady also used any type of barning sansation in our body……….
    too much good reamady for fear…..

  10. I use for mental and physical restlesnes nd fever and g.i.t complains with thrist for cold water in shrt interval of time

  11. Next to Arnica i use AA when misc ailments show up. works on asthma with headache real well

  12. Correct me if I am wrong , Its really effective in common cold and some digestive problems and also in flu


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