Arnica to the Rescue


Mrs. N. A., aged twenty-eight, was running up stairs with the greatest speed, when she struck the angle of the forehead, just over the eye, so forcibly, as to make a wound an inch and a half in length, and a quarter of an inch in width.

The bleeding was profuse.

I was called up at nearly two in the morning. I gave the lady’s husband four globules of Arnica to dissolve in four spoonfuls of water, to take two immediately, and one every eight hours : also forty globules of Arnica, (I had no tincture at hand,) for solution in two wine glasses of water, and to apply the lotion, thus formed, to the wound.

In eight hours after the use of the Arnica internally, and the application externally, the wound was closed, presenting at e spot scarcely any inflammation, and only a mark, as of a wound newly healed.

The patient was astonished and gratified at the speedy restoration.




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