Arnica montana

What comes to mind when you think of ARNICA MONTANA

  • Zain Munir

    For all type of injuries

  • Shona Sherson

    Fear of being approached.

  • Shona Sherson

    Sends the Dr away even though unwell.

  • Elba Pagan Bellos


  • Sam Brown

    Prophylaxis for a CVA in a 10M potency?

  • Kas-Sky Centre

    Excellent after strokes

  • Betsy K Williams

    Just used it this morning in a stroke case

  • Shrikant Deshpande

    Fear of approach
    Mental and physical injury

  • Ruchi Srivastava

    Injury, Pain, fatigue…

  • Lila Tan

    Should be first remedy in medicine kit

  • Farah Shah

    Injury.pain internal bleeding.accident.

  • Marlene Bracks

    Husband with splitting headache and ambulance on way.Arnica given,operated on 10 hours later for an aneurysm.Arnica after operation and thanks to the surgeon a good recovery.

  • Shahid Perwaiz

    Very good for head injury.
    In my openion you must provide your final conclusion

  • Sheila Nicholson

    Bruising and Shock

  • Kartar Singh

    The bed is too hard to sleep!. Excellent for accidental shocks and injuries.

  • Birgitte Bruun

    Life- saver:
    Concussion, shock, trauma, fracture, sprain, surgery, swelling. Finds the bed hard to lie on, can’t find rest.

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    Injury / fall – concussion rather than contusion

  • Constance McQuoid

    good for just about everything from hemorrhoids, inflammation, head ache, after bruising from surgery, after straining muscles….for people and PETS too, use the gel for relieving the pain of adhesions, but never on open wound. My father says his mom used it when they were kids.

  • Sourav Das


  • Mad Maz

    Muscle soreness & fatigue.

  • Hifza Tanvir

    It is usefull for injury pains

  • Gajanan Ule

    Can induce sleep at night when very tired and normalizes blood pressure. Arnica 6.

  • Carol Stuart

    Could you please finish the statement?

  • Rick Dery

    Injury physical and mental
    Used it many times with complete success. Wonderful remedy
    Before a tooth extraction and surgery
    Superb results

  • BK-Bonnie Keene

    My favorite. Good for shock, bruising, and injuries

  • Carol Stuart

    What does he say??

  • Matt Zorn

    Only remedy for asthmatic breathing in fatty degeneration of the heart.

  • Arun Nirwal

    Bruised feeling… Soreness

  • DrPiya Gupta

    Echymosis, H/o head injury… Chronic hheadache, ribben like stool

  • Anamika Shahi

    There is no substitute of arnica .

  • Betterfami Care

    For internal bleeding & bruises.

  • Drsamreen Iftikhar

    For pain & injury

  • Rajeev Shankar

    Cold patents and black spotted injuries. !!!

  • Radhakrishnan N Nrk

    Horrors in the night. He frequently rouses up in the night, grasps at the heart, has the appearance of great horror, fears some dreadful thing will happen. A sudden fear of death comes on at this time, rousing him up in the night; he grasps at the heart, and thinks he is going to die suddenly. He is full of dreadful anguish, but finally he comes to himself, lies down and goes off into a sleep of terror, jumps up again with the fear of sudden death and says:

  • Nansee Ananda

    physical relief!!!!! God sent remedy for pain from injury etc…

  • Jignesh Pandya

    To prevent miscarriage.,,..

  • Jo-Anne Cooper

    relief from snow shoveling or barn cleaning….

  • Meerub Jafri

    Crushing muscular pain.los of hair …

  • Venkatesan RK

    BP, Diabetes, injury, blood circulation ..

  • Phani Sundar

    Injury shock electric financial shocks Typhoid ‘ I am fine ‘ says patient

  • Farooq Ur Rehman

    Hurt and pain killer

  • Krystal Crawford

    Soreness all over body