Characteristic Peculiarities of Argentum nitricum


Scarcely any of the pathogenetic symptoms of the nitrate of silver are as well marked as the head-symptoms : in almost all morbid effects of the nitrate the head is involved; many of those effects especially the disturbances produced in the abdominal organs, co-exist with vertigo, dizziness or cloudiness of the head, as if from intoxication.

Nervous irritations (erethism of the nervous system, neuralgia, etc. are never characterized by acuteness, but by being deep-seated and spreading over a large portion of the ramifications of the affected nerve.

The moral and nervous disturbances (especially chorea and epilepsy, which occur generally at night, or in the morning on rising), are characterized by a sort of type : the paroxysms are apt to recur in the night, early in the morning, or about noon (especially shortly after dinner), and generally, come on every day.

The debility caused, especially that of the lower extremities, is very striking and is excessive, even when the other symptoms are less marked. Among the febrile symptoms, chilliness (shifting chills or constant chilliness) and nausea are the most troublesome and lasting.




  1. silver nitrate?
    should you be introducing heavy metals (as salts) into living biological systems?
    or is the dilution so high that not a single silver cation is statistically capable of being present in the mish-mash?

  2. One of the red line symptom. interview nervousness. and a good medicine for erossin of cervix.

  3. Sir every 2 hours iam felling hungry and the stomach is filled with gas uneaseiness pinching sensation in back chest every where and that will start in the morning from 10. After launch gas will pass some release is there then in the afternoon from 5 same poaition .plz prescribe me sir

  4. Face, telling, with debility at age of 50 looks like more than 70 one of major characteristic

  5. Geeta yanha kaun he tera; dava koi ni bstaveha; khalish gyan bwgharenge
    Give full details. Bettet visit homeopath for cure. However take single dose of Argentum nitricum2oo and wait few days.


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