Apis paralysis Homeopathy

The APIS paralysis often comes on after emotional stress especially after bad news.
Homeopathic Recorder. ’31


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  • Ahmed Honest

    Thank u so much sanjeev

  • Sanjeev Batra

    Berberis vulgaria mother tincture for left kidney stone
    Ocimum can & lycopodium for right kidney stones

  • Ahmed Honest

    Any one tell me the medicine for renal calculi with nausea & vomitings ?

  • Muhammad Usman

    Faridullah Khan surgery is recommended for ASD and VSD.

  • Jeki Oza

    Thank u sir….u r really doing a fantastic work as teaching us wid d help of new technology. Keep it up sir

  • Faridullah Khan

    Is there any homeopathic treatment for ASD n VSD?