The Homeopath community around the world lost a great Homeopath in spring of 2010, thus now in the last month of this year we wish to honour his memory. Please meet Professor Dr. Antonio Negro (1908-2010), a master Homeopath doctor, teacher and scientist from Italy. He was an expert in the knowledge of Organon, miasma and constitutional profiles. In his own words, Dr. Negro said: I was twelve years old when I learned the word Homeopathy.

In 1947 he helped the foundation of Homeopathic Medical Organization and Educational Society; and in 1991 the Italian School of Hahnemannian Homeopathic Medicine.

Dr. Negro was the Homeopathic physician of Pope Paul VI, who awarded him the Order of St. Gregory in 1964 for his work in Homeopathy. Among other numerous awards, Dr. Negro also received a personal recognition by Pope Benedict XVI in 2008, and the Medical Association of the Province of Rome granted him a special award of merit.

In the beginning of World War II, he began teaching Homeopathy to medical doctors and in 50 years he trained a very large number of Homeopaths. He established various Homeopath organizations and schools, for example in 1953 he founded the Italian Academy of Homeopathic Medicine Hahnemannian. In 1954 he founded the magazine “Review of Homeopathic Medicine.”

This noble Homeopath left his earthy life on March 25th of 2010 at age of 102. The dedications of admirable Dr. Antonio Negro will always remain with us.





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