Alcoholism - Homeopathy

ANGELICA in 15 drops doses of tincture 3 times a day, has caused a disgust for liquor.
Dr. Raue




  1. What potency of Cinchona did the master apply in his malaria experiment? Hahneman himself ,too, used M.T. He ,in an article, mentioned he had cured a patient with a one drop dose of Byonia. In the Organ, he has mentioned there are some homoeopathic cure by allopathic [undiluted and potentised] drug when the so-called allopathic drug is accidentally similar to the symptoms.

  2. Mother Tinctures doesn’t follow
    the Organon. Q is the symbol of mother.

  3. When very small doses bring curative result, the drug action is homoeopathic. Mother tincture is also diluted and potentised remedy. In most cases, they are 1X or higher. 15 drops of mother tincture are ,in fact, from about 1 or 1.5 drop of original drug. Therefore, 15 drop dose of Angelica is not physiological dose and hence not allopathic. It is homoeopathic.

  4. Sankar Datta Gupta Gupta to do no harm is the first request.In the end, it is the wonderful healing force that responds.

  5. Sankar Datta Gupta Gupta …Mr. Gupta..I saw you are a Homeopath, please let us know why the formulation of Homeopathic mother Tinctures called Q are not Homeopathic. Is this because of the lack of potency formula? Thank you.

  6. Mother Tinctures are prepared from Homeopathic remedies are called Homeopathic in the mother Tincture form, I had been using them all my life. The Homeopathic remedies come in potency like 6x or 30c….Q is the form of potency called for mother tincture formulations.


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