An Allopath writes about Hahnemann

Homeopathic philosophy by Hahnemann

“A Dr. Huck, of Lutzen, a small city near Leipzic, writes thus to a friend in Penig :

Dear Friend

Though I seldom talk to any one about one of the greatest thinkers of all the centuries, yet I gladly write to you about the man who, by evident proofs of his great ability, has in a short time wholly won over to himself the unprejudiced portion of the medical as well as the non medical learned men of Leipzic.

To hear Hahnemann, the keenest and boldest investigator of nature, deliver a masterpiece of his intellect and industry, was to me a truly beatific enjoyment. I returned home as if in a dream, and a wilderness seemed to surround me, as I was obliged to acknowledge to myself, You are not worthy to loose the latchets of his shoes.

” He will deliver a private lecture at Michaelmas. I shall be a student next year again, and if unforeseen circumstances do not prevent, will see what I can derive from this inconceivable source. If Hahnemann would stoop to act contrary to his noble character and play the hypocrite, like so many other (seemingly) great men, even the most renowned citizens of Leipzic would be obliged to lower their pretensions.

Most of his opponents were so candid and courteous as to acknowledge that they were wholly of his opinion, medically speaking, and they thought that any one in order to say anything would be obliged to discuss the matter philologically.

He covered himself with renown and remained victor.

” Had it not been a very unsuitable time to look for him on that day, I would have gone to, him, and would have voluntarily and unconditionally betaken myself to his banner.”





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