Ammonium Carbonate is also known as ÔÇ£baker’s ammoniaÔÇØ
Hawkes W.J, characteristic Indications of Prominent
Remedies Materia Medica. Sequi Carbonate of ammonia.
sal volatile, Nose bleed when bathing hands and face in
the morning, Ozena, with blowing of bloody mucus from
nose. Stoppage of nose, mostly at night, must breathe
through mouth, persistent coryza and lachrymation.
Amenorrhea, with cholic, and pain between scapulae.
Cholera-like symptoms at the beginning of menses.
one of the best remedies for emphysema.
Dyspnea, asthma, difficult breathing, causing short
cough, worse at 3am, dry cough from ticking in
throat as from feather dust, Angina pectoris, with
night palpitation and asthma after exertion.
Malignant scarlatina when the rash remains out
longer than usual, with tendency of gengrenous
ulceration of tonsils. Red body all over,
Kent J.T. Lectures It is a deep acting, constitutional
remedy and anti-psoric. Rapid blood changes, it
disturbes the whole economy and it establishes a scorbutic
constitution, its fluids are acrid, saliva, excoriates the lips.
the crack in the corners and middle, raw and dry and scabby.
Eye lids fester, dry and cracked, Stool acrid and excoriates.
Allen HC Keynotes: Pain in testicles, and spermatic cords.
violent erections, worse in the morning, urine excoriated the
parts passed over, causing biting and itching, it has an
ammoniacal odor, Gonorrheal discharge thin, scanty, acrid
producing itching, swelling and burning.
The ammoniums are seldom indicated in sycotics.
the ancients used in women who have a weak heart,
with a marked tendency to faint. More in elderly women
or in old maids. with tubercular diatesis with a hemorrhagic
tendency the blood will not cuagulate and very dark.
heart symptoms agg. by warm or over-exertion. it may
be considered before Lachesis in hysterical affections
Urine pressure in bladder, scoriates,
Males violent sexual desire without erections. agg in the
This pesudo psoric remedy for fleshy women who lead a
sedentary life, inclinated to weep, and a tendency to faint.
great fatige < thighs, with yawning and chilliness, pains
in small if back, Sleep full of dreams of dead people, of the
dying, danger, ghosts, and all sorts of offensive things.
has a weakness of chest, agg. cold air, wet weather and
washing. Amel dry weather, lying in abdomen.
Beatriz H Hill




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