Characteristic Peculiarities of Alumina

  • Most of the symptoms seem to come in the sitting posture, and to decrease when walking.
  • Aggravation or appearance of all the symptoms immediately after dinner, or in the evening ; a great many of the symptoms come on after dinner and continue until evening; they disappear in the forenoon and at night.
  • Potatoes appear to aggravate or to renew the symptoms.
  • He feels the most comfortable after dinner (curative effect ?)
  • Most of the symptoms appear in the morning and evening.
  • The symptoms appear to be relieved in the open air, and in the evening ; amelioration every other day.
  • Pragati Tambatkar

    It acts on old people who hav lack of vital heat

  • Chammika Fermamdo

    Constipation stool like tar