”See Dr, exclaimed a 70 yr old lady, showing me her right hand , palm turned upwards.” Her palm was kind of puffed , she had throbbing pain, there was swelling/oedema, slightly pinkish hue and warm . How come you got this ? ”I can just say maybe this was the cause- I take my dog out for a stroll , the hook on the chain may have injured, when he pulled at the chain, but I can’t say for sure, I have this for the past 2 days, the pain and swelling is increased today, earlier I didn’t bother coz the pain and swellin was much much less but now I feel I must take some medicine for this.” On a first look it appeared to be a deeper infection of the tendon sheaths of the muscles of the hand with lymphangitis/vasculitis. The lady is not a diabetic, ut a known hypertensive on antihypertensive allop drugs. Who will rescue her now and how? Aparna Singh ILH 22nd Jan 2013




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