acute rescue

A lady caught cold 14 days ago; has coughed for a week. Cough is worse by day and in tin- open air and during supper. Cough is continuous, dry
and hard, with soreness of the chest and heat of the body when coughing; sensation at night as if there was mucus in the throat choking her when
she coughs; the chocking is relieved when sitting up or moving. There is itching in the throat, extending into the chest; worse when coughing.

What’s the Remedy?



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  1. Bryonia – particularly when the chest burns during cough. But, I’d this enough?

    @admin,  please answer your quiz, at least after a day or two after quiz. Please

  2. Been around for over 600 years……tried & true! Only stuff I take since doesn’t tax liver or kidneys … Can take w/other meds & no side effects!


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